Media Center

Welcome to the Media Center for BAUHAUS-galan IAAF Diamond League.

In the menu and below you will find links for possibilities to apply for accreditation, to our Online Media Room and information related to your visit during BAUHAUS-galan IAAF Diamond League.


Accreditation to BAUHAUS-galan IAAF Diamond League is applied through a central portal where you will be able to apply for accreditations to all meetings in the IAAF Diamond League. You will reach the portal through the button bellow or in the menu under Media.

To be able to apply for an accreditation you will have to create an account, follow the instructions on the portal.

Last day to apply for accreditation to BAUHAUS-galan 2019 is Friday 24th of May.


Before and during your visit at BAUHAUS-galan IAAF Diamond League you will find important information here, like media hotell, information about press conference and our media centers. The information will also be available in a media folder sent to accredited media representatives.

Online Media Room

In our Online Media Room you will find documents published before, during and after the meeting. The page is live during the meeting which means that important information will be published here. You can contact any of the media responsible at the BAUHAUS-galan IAAF Diamond League if you should have any questions, see contact details below. 

Media contacts

Here you will find contact information to our media responsible that you can contact before, during and after BAUHAUS-galan.

Press & Communication

Patrik Åman
+46 (0)70 044 10 01

Press & Media

John-Eric Ericsson
+46 (0)70 147 90 47

 *Also main contact for media accreditation requests